I definitely needed to start some Stella Mccartney or Splendid posts on this blog because, well, the name is Splendid In Stella! For my Stella Mccartney posts, I will pick some items from the website and just discuss them and same with Splendid posts when I start them. For my first STELLA-RIFFIC post, I've picked the polka dot Lucia dress.

The polka dot Lucia dress $2,155 is a beautiful LBD with a great haute couture twist. This knee-length, long-sleeved, sheath dress looks like an average LBD on one side but a fun artsy, whimsical piece on the other side. It has a fun cut-out shape on the left, reaching the full length of the dress. The clear cut-out part is covered with cute, little polka dots! Great for any formal event and would look amazing with a crystal clutch and high pumps in a bright color. Photo Credit.

Here are some accessories I would pair this with...

Stella Mccartney Falabella Shaggy Deer Foldover Tote Bag {photo credit}

Annie H.


Quite Oriental-Like (TRUE RELIGION)

Today, my family and I went to one of our favorite Asian oriental markets to stock up on some groceries. I, of course, took pictures because of my boredom behind the shopping cart...


Afterwards, we stopped at one of my favorite stores, Off 5th-Saks Fifth Avenue. Off 5th is Saks's Outlet store, but it is far more glamorous than any outlet I've ever been in. The atmosphere is elegant and charming. The deals are spectacular and clothes-affordable. My mother picked up a pretty, white cropped Marc by Marc Jacobs top and it was only $26! I picked up a pair of True Religion jeans. I have been eyeing True Religions all of this year and I finally got some! They are high-rise bootcuts and are a nice, faded blue color. Original price: $216. Marked down to: $149.99. Buying Price after 30% discount: an affordable $104.99. Disclaimer: I bought them myself with money that I earned. I wanted to add in some comments also. True Religions seem to be different in their sizing depending on the style of the pant. For the style I purchased, I was a size 27. For other styles I was a size 26. It depends on how big the waist is because it seems that for different styles, the sizes were either too large or small. I tried on a beautiful white pair of crisp TR's with rhinestoned rivets and a 27 seemed to be quite big on me. So when buying expensive jeans...TRY THEM ON!

Forever SIS,
Annie H.



Optical Illusion Art

I had to do this for fashion class and I thought it photographed pretty well, so enjoy! Mine was an Accented Neutral piece and I used Crayola & WHSMITH coloring pencils in Black, Gray, and Aqua Green.

Forever SIS,
Annie H.

A Halloween Tutorial: Bloody Nails

I was trying to figure out what to do with my nails today since I hadn't painted them in over two weeks. I wanted to do something creative, but also a bit spooky because Halloween is right around the corner (ahem, next Monday). These nails aren't as bad as the title makes them out to be and are very simple to do. I wanted to apologize beforehand, I wasn't planning on doing a tutorial while I was doing my own nails so I only have pictures of after I had finished.


  • Two toothpicks
  • One bottle of nail polish of your color choice
  • One bottle of red nail polish (can be any shade)
  • Nail polish remover
  • One sheet of Kleenex or paper towel
  • Q-tips
  • Top Coat
  • For my colors I used Essie's Coat Azure and Maybelline Express Finish in Rare Ruby
  1. Lay out the sheet of Kleenex tissue on a flat surface. Paint your nails with two coats of the nail polish color that you've selected (not the red nail polish). The Kleenex is there to keep the surface of what you're painting on clean. Take one toothpick and use it to clean up messy spots near your cuticles and on the sides of your nails.
  2. Wait for your nails to dry.
  3. Take the other toothpick and dip it into the red nail polish. Starting from a corner, take the toothpick and start swirling & dragging it on your nail until you've made-well..a bloody mess. Just dip the toothpick back in the bottle for more polish-if needed. Continue doing this for each nail.
  4. 4. Apply fast-dry top coat. Use the Q-tip and nail polish remover to remove any little mess-ups that may have occured and yes I didn't clean up my nails afterwards, I'm just gonna leave it for a better, bloody effect.
Voila! You're now done with your bloody nails for Halloween! You can also do this manicure for any wear also. Just replace the blood-red with any other color and you've got a cute, graphic manicure for any occasion.

Forever SIS,
Annie H.
P.S. It would look totally more Halloween-ish if I used a black or even purple-black base coat, but I didn't have any and the blue & red go together with my American Flag shirt that I'm wearing for my Ke$ha costume.


Gossip Girl Season 4: Zuhair Murad Gown

I suck at keeping up with TV shows so when I rented Season 4 of Gossip Girl, I didn't realize that I would still be thinking of this certain Zuhair Murad dress worn by Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively). Although, I love Serena's style and her clothes, this gown was by far my favorite of all of the seasons of Gossip Girl. It is a beautiful and embellished floor-length, charcoal-gray, lace gown with draping on one side from the Zuhair Murad Fall 2010 Collection. It is featured also in my header picture.

Forever SIS,
Annie H.

My New Love For Hairbuns

Hey Everybody!

My parents' jobs require them to be away and working for quite some time per week, so while they work I'm usually at home babysitting my 2 year old baby brother Jaden. My 7 year old brother Kendrick always goes with my mom to the workplace because I could not handle him being at home, whatsoever. Anyways, I've been putting my hair up in a bun many different times this week because it gets the hair out of my face and each bun you put up is different.

So the last three buns were made by wrapping around a huge fly-away piece of hair around the base different ways and my hand is just there to hold the new bun-shape in place. Here's a photo of the bun with the massive fly-away.
Forever SIS,
Annie H.


Welcome Fashion Lovers

Hey Everybody,

This blog was thrown together at around 10 PM central time on October 21, 2011. You may think why did this asian chick throw together a blog two hours before midnight? Well I've been having mixed emotions about blogging. You see, I've been blogging on Wordpress for three years now and I just didn't know what to do anymore. I have a personal, RL blog that was started and currently has 27,000 hits, but it just didn't focus that much on fashion and I just really wanted to make myself a blog that has fashion and beauty as the main focus. I considered making one on wordpress again or even transforming my RL blog and I still might do that. Maybe, just maybe blogger can give me more opportunities to pursue my fashion career than wordpress.
Let's start off by me introducing myself.
My name is Annie H. hailing from somewhere in the splendid United States. I am fifteen and a sophomore in high school-no duhr. I got my fabulous URL name from a close friend named Jana and all credit goes to her. I love fashion, but unfortunately where I live-we aren't necessarily considered the fashion capital of the U.S. We are far below that, in fact. It is quite hard to achieve my dream of being successful in the fashion biz here so I hope to move to New York City once I'm older--like three years ;) If you have questions, ask moi! DISCLAIMER: I do own clothing by the brand Splendid. I do not own stuff by the brand Stella McCartney. Splendid from my URL could mean the adjective. Ex. "Why, that top is quite Splendid!" or it could mean the brand. Whatever it means to you... well it's a cute URL so stop thinking about the technicalities, already!!!! :D

Forever SIS,
Annie H.
P.S. An advertisement would also be greatly appreciated.